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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much and what shipping service do you use? We ship all USA orders via USPS Mail with package tracking. The cost is a low flat rate of $3.50.  This covers shipping, packaging and handling.  

2.  Do you ship international?  Yes. We ship all orders USPS First Class International Mail with tracking numbers and the cost is a low flat rate $14.   International orders are hard to predict their arrival times as it varies greatly, depending on the Customs departments in each individual country.

3.  When will my items ship?  All doll items are custom made to order by Laura and they ship within 3-5 business days.

4.  Is there any product guarantee?  Yes, we stand behind our products 100%!  We accept returns and they need to be received within 10 business days from your delivery date. The buyer needs to pay the return shipping for a refund.  You can click this Refund policy link for more details.

5. I don't know which doll size to order.  Ask yourself 3 questions:

  • What company made my doll? Like Mattel, Tonner, Integrity Toys...ect.
  • What is the doll's product name? Like Barbie, Monster high, Ellowyne...ect.
  • How tall is my doll?  
  • The menu should provide several search options for each doll. You can also use the website search function to find your doll. If you're still unsure please contact us.

6. I have a Barbie, which size should I order for her?  In our store, Barbie is divided into several categories.  For Barbie, the Vintage Barbie category is for the older dolls with shorter arms and legs, hands with fingers together and the tiny waist and high heeled foot.   Silkstone Barbie is similar to the vintage Barbie but her arms and legs are slightly longer.  The Modern Barbie size is for the newer Barbie dolls with larger hands and feet and a more realistic body proportion.  If you still have questions, please contact us at:

7.  What type of transaction security does your webstore offer?

  1. Shopify includes a security certificate with every store.
  2. Shopify manages all credit card payments. You can click this Privacy policy link for more detailed security information.
  3. We accept Paypal payments for orders. Paypal offers additional buyer protection on their transactions. 

    8. I haven't received any emails from the store.  Be sure to check your junk email folder and add us to your contact list.

    9. My doll isn't listed.  Do you make any items for my doll?  We have hundreds of dolls and we try to get the most current doll releases. While we are constantly working to get dolls added to our store, it's a long process! It would be best to contact us and ask if your doll can be sized for our items.  You can always email us at:

    10. How long have you been making doll items?  Laura has been making doll clothing for over 30 years. Our current doll clothing focus is on doll stockings, gloves and panties.  Laura will occasionally take on custom projects as time permits.  Her true love is the beautiful turn of the century lady doll gowns.

    11. What material are the stockings and gloves made from? About 95% of our doll stockings and gloves are made from 4 way stretch spandex fabrics. The spandex gives our doll items a great feel and a perfect contour fit.  We occasionally use a less stretchy fabric when we feel it will make an exceptional end product and use different patterning for the various stretch fabric needs.

    12. How many doll stockings and gloves styles can you make? We have 60 color options available in Solid (matte finish), Shimmer and Mesh fabrics. In addition we have hundreds of laces, prints, metallics, stripes, dots and many other type of fabrics.  We have over 150 glove options in both solid and shimmer finishes.

    13. Can my doll still wear shoes with the stockings?  It depends on the shoe, but 99% of the time yes. The 4 way stretch fabric is very thin unlike cotton, nylon, satin or felt fabrics. 

    14. Is Laura the actual "Daughter Who Sews"?  Yes she is!  This name was actually bestowed upon her when she first started sewing for her mother's dolls.  When people saw her mothers dolls, they would ask her mother if her doll was dressed by "the Daughter Who Sews" and the name just stuck!  And yes, she still makes clothes for her mother's dolls :)

    15.  Why are our doll stockings and gloves better then the competition? 

    • We use high stretch fabrics with an elastic trim at the top to make sure that our stockings don't fall down.
    • All patterns are individually created with a CAD program and then fitted on the actual doll for the best product fit.  We only make stockings and gloves for dolls that we actually own.  There's no "guesswork" involved.
    • We cut all doll stockings by laser for accuracy.
    • We will always listen to our customers suggestions.  We're here to make YOUR doll collection the best it can be!
    • All our products are made here in the USA in our home work room, with meticulous attention paid to quality and detail.

     If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at:

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