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The Dream

I grew up with dolls all around me.  My mother was a doll collector and had her own special doll that she would sew outfits for whenever she could.  She taught me how to sew and passed on both her love of dolls and of fabric.  She opened her own business creating and teaching others to create porcelain dolls.  When my oldest daughter was young, I started dressing my mothers dolls and sewing for her students in order to supplement my income.  When people would see her dolls, they would ask if the clothes were made by "The Daughter Who Sews"....and it stuck. Eventually, I wound up making doll clothes for 2 additional doll shops in southern New Jersey.  When I made this a real business, there was no question of what to name had been named for me!  Over the following years and the raising of my two daughters, The Daughter Who Sews remained a part of my life but as my children grew, the time to sew became less.

Once my daughters had grown up and moved on with their own lives, I again had time to focus on my love of sewing and dolls.  In 2010, I started seriously pursuing my dream.  By 2012 I had a strong online following and took a leap of faith and left my full time job to focus on TDWS.  My main focus turned to making stockings and gloves to complete outfits since there simply weren't many options out there.  I started with one online store...then I added another...and another...and another and am now up to 5 online sites!  

With over 150 varieties of gloves and more than 300 varieties of stockings, we have the largest selection of doll accessories in the world and we plan to keep on growing and making sure that we can have something to accessorize any doll outfit that you can imagine!

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